Scrub Daddy is a cleaning tools company best known for the iconic sponge by the same name. As of 2019, Scrub Daddy had the highest revenue of any product pitched on the show Shark Tank. Loved as the “America's Favorite Sponge”, Scrub Daddy had high hopes of breaking into new international markets.

In 2019, Scrub Daddy, with the assistance of MCIC, partnered with Yagi & Co., Ltd, a Japanese trading company to introduce Scrub Daddy to the Japanese market. The mission for this project was to successfully launch Scrub Daddy in Japan.


We designed and developed an overall market entry strategy for the brand, by utilizing Yagi’s strengths and supporting its marketing initiatives. As a trading company, Yagi has immense access to wholesalers and retailers in Japan but lacked experience in marketing international brands.

Marketing Strategy:

We launched several initiatives to ramp up interest in Scrub Daddy.

  • Exhibited at the Tokyo International Gift Show, the largest trade show in Japan with over 3,000 exhibitors across more than 45 categories.
  • Exhibited in Lohas Festa Toyko, an outdoor event focused on exhibiting products that are “kind to the body, mind, and the earth.”
  • Television programming
  • Setting up a website, social media accounts, press releases, etc.


Today, Scrub Daddy can be found in the following national retail stores in Japan.

  • LOFT – 80+ retail locations
  • PLAZA – 18 retail locations
  • Yodobashi Camera – 23 retail locations
  • one'sterrace – all retail locations (more than 125)
  • Tokyu Hands – more than 45 retail locations
  • Tomod’s – more than 15 locations
  • Bic Camera / Kojima – all locations (70+ locations)
  • VILLAGE VANGUARD – 10 locations

Scrub Daddy also enjoys a large presence on the web, including Amazon Japan, and various online stores of the above retailers.