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Japan Market Entry Specialists

Experts in product and service localization for the Japanese market.

Our Services

MCIC offers expert guidance and support in the localization, positioning and rollout of foreign-made products and services for the Japanese market.   Contact us for a free evaluation of your product’s potential in Japan, the world’s third largest economy.

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Product Localization and Development

Achieving long-term success in any new market requires meticulous product assessment, review and planning. This is particularly so in Japan. Import, licensing and distribution issues are challenges that must be overcome. Consumer purchasing habits and sector competition must be carefully reviewed to establish correct product positioning. The requirements of the intended sales channels must be addressed.

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Market Research and Strategy

  • Product positioning and placement

  • Consumer purchasing habits

  • Competitor analysis

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MCIC can assist you find manufacturers, suppliers, and/or financing for your products. With our vast network in industries both private and public, MCIC will find the most suitable local partners.

In some cases, MCIC will directly purchase products and act as a distributor in Japan.

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Let MCIC be your pilot and partner in the Japanese market.